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Homeschool Schedule

The last thing you need in your homeschool is to complicate things. Every year that we homeschool, I try to streamline the process a little more. Whether it’s adding online curriculum, or coming up with new and better routines and schedules that serve us better. This by far has been my favourite way to schedule, especially for the older kids who long for independance. This will be a short post, I’ll explain the process and the reasoning, so without further ado, the EASIEST way to schedule your homeschool.

Why Does This Homeschool Schedule Work For Us

  • It saves me a ton of time. No more long Sunday night planning sessions.
  • My children are clear on my expectations of them, and their expectations of themselves
  • It encourages independent learning
  • It’s simple

How To Implement This Schedule

Have A Meeting with Each Child

You might want a copy to reference while you read this.  Scroll to the bottom and enter your info to get hooked up with the printables.

Go over the curriculum together at the beginning of the year, and talk about long term goals. Encourage them to come up with as many of their own goals as possible, as a result, they will start building intrinsic motivation. Consequently they’ll be more likely to actually get the work done.

Talk to them about when they would like to be done their work for the year, and then do the math. 

If your homeschool year follows public school, you’ll be looking at about 40 week.  Make sure to conscider holidays and deduct those.

If your curriculm has 30 lessons, that’s pretty easy.  1 lesson a week.

If your doing a curriculm that has 160 lessons, you’ll take that number and divide it by the amount of weeks you plan to be acitvley educating.

Fill Out The Nessecary Information

You can add the name of the curriuculum in the blank space under the subject name, also, add any additional subjects After that you will add the number you came up with above in regrads to how many lessons they need to finish each week.

Display It

If you want it to look pretty, you could put it into a frame and hang it in the school space. I highly reccomend your local thrift store if your frugal like me.

Alternately, you could simply put it in a sheet protector and tape it to the wall, or put it in the front of a binder.

Or, you could make as many copies as you need, and save the completed forms, as a result, you’d have a tidy little portfolio of your homeschool year. You could even add in books read and feild trips taken.

Use It

Upon completing a lesson, have your child put a tally or check mark on the calendar. Or, if a lesson lasts a week and contains many parts, have them jot down the section, or pages done, and put a check on the day the whole lesson was completed. Doing it this way will give you both a clear overview of how time is being spent.

I am sure you guys could think of many other ways to use this. If you do comment below.

What ever you do, I hope it helps streamline your life at least a little bit.

The easiest way to schedule your homeschool
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